Health Valley: 2016 Impact report

Health Valley: 2016 Impact report

During the last five years up to CHF 2 billion have been invested in new research and production sites and this year more than CHF 537 millions have been raised by innovative companies in the Health Valley region. These unprecedented figures represent far more than just great fuel for our entrepreneurs. They are the result of over 20 years of coordinated effort by world-class research centers, powerful innovation support organizations and a high quality education system. All of this was driven by visionary individuals that pushed the Health Valley region to the forefront of the life sciences global scene.

Today, we have the unique opportunity of working in one of the most dynamic and innovative regions in the world. We compete on a global stage and so we need to continue cultivating this fertile land in order to maintain a sustainable profitability in Health Valley.

To achieve this goal we need to gather entrepreneurs, investors, academics and politicians around an ambitious project: attract, promote and retain the best projects in our region to increase the contribution of life science companies to the gross value added (GVA) of Switzerland.

With a 12% annual increase of this indicator, Western Switzerland is now ranked third in the world for GVA growth. Life sciences represent a quarter of the total export value of Western Switzerland with a total of CHF 17 billion per annum.

We need to stay tuned to listen, understand and join them in a global innovative effort for our precious Health Valley.

Join us ! There are plenty of things to do – No time to sleep.


Benoit Dubuis

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