[UniverCité] MassChallenge Switzerland Announces Top 12 Startups From 2020 Program

[UniverCité] MassChallenge Switzerland Announces Top 12 Startups From 2020 Program

MassChallenge Switzerland, part of MassChallenge’s global network of innovators, today announced the top 12 startup finalists from its 2020 program. These startups will now participate in a final round of judging, where they will compete for equity-free cash awards and other in-kind prizes worth CHF 500,000. The 2020 MASSCHALLENGE SWITZERLAND TOP 12 FINALISTS are :

AEROPOWDER (United Kingdom): Created pluumo, the world’s first sustainable thermal packaging material made from surplus feathers, designed for food deliveries.

DePoly (Switzerland): We can close the loop of PET recycling, saving 2000 gallons of gasoline/ton of plastic & reduce the energy to make new PET bottles by 66%.

Exomys – Augmented Humanity GmbH (Austria): Develops passive exoskeletons for industrial application. Our goal is to rise productivity and prevent occupational diseases.

IBISA (Luxembourg): Enables the next generation of insurance for agriculture harnessing the use of satellite data and blockchain.

Limula (Switzerland): Our automated manufacturing platform enables the production of personalised cell therapy at scale, directly at the patient bedside.

Naturbeads (United Kingdom): Replaces fossil-fuel based polluting plastic microbeads with natural and biodegradable cellulose beads.

Neustark (Switzerland): Creates climate positive construction materials by turning CO2 into minerals.

Orange Fiber (Italy): Is the Italian company that patented and manufactures sustainable and innovative fabrics from citrus juice by-products.

Readily3D (Switzerland): Readily3D develops the fastest 3D bioprinters in the world.

SGMA (Sol-Gel Materials & Applications) (United Kingdom): SGMA barrier coating replaces plastic in potecting fibre &metal packaging. It is 100% plastic free, biodegradable, compostable & recyclable.

TechnoCarbon (France): Disruptive technologies create a path forward towards sustainable architecture, industry and cities, protecting climate & life.

Urban Connect (Switzerland): We deliver an ecosystem of shared low carbon vehicles to corporates that meets all their mobility needs.

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