e-Health conference, EPFL, April 12th 2011

e-Health conference, EPFL, April 12th 2011

The days are near when PDAs and smart phones will not merely be communication devices, but also personal healthcare assistants capable of receiving vital signs and even body fluid samples and transmitting them for immediate analysis by dedicated healthcare providers. Wherever patients are in the world, they will be able to connect with their physicians who, in turn, will be able to practice medicine virtually anywhere and at anytime, with instant access to the information and systems they need. In order for this new digital health world to become a reality, a number of challenges have to be overcome.

Professionals who implement the new products and systems will have to work with an aging population, diminishing human resources and a growing patient safety concern. They will also face a higher responsibility for keeping patient information private and secure.

Mindful of these changes and challenges, 4C in association with BioAlps, Alps Bio Cluster and the EPFL is for the first time holding a e-Health conference to help prepare the life sciences community for this exciting new era.

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